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Speeding things up

February 12, 2013 - Art Smith

Last weekend I noticed a lot of time-lapsed movies of the East Coast snow storm popping up on Facebook and it got me thinking, “did all my friends go out and buy expensive video equipment right before the storm?”

If my friends are like everyone else, they purchased, milk, eggs, bread and beer before the storm, and if they are frugal like me, they found a cheaper way to capture the onslaught of white stuff. The smartphone that seems to be glued to everyone hands actually turns out to be a very good device to capture and compress a scene to quickly show the progress of something. In my friends' case it was two feet of snow, in my case it was something a lot more mundane.

There are a number of apps available for the iPhone and other smartphones that will make quick work of, well, making something look quick,

I chose TimeLapse, a $1.99 app made by The extremely easy-to-use app allows you to set the length of filming as well as how long you want the final movie to be. The larger the difference, the faster the action. When the recording is done, the phone will “ding” and the movie will be saved on your photo app. From there you can upload it to a website or sync it to your other devices.


For my exciting video I chose to make a “quick” trip from Parkersburg to Belpre. My camera, I mean my phone, sat on a small lip at the front of my sunroof. If it fell it would hit me in the head. The phone is in a case though, so I don’t think it would have gotten damaged.

The phone produces a high-definition video that easily could be integrated into other projects. The app will also work on other ios devices that also have a camera, such as newer iPads and iPod Touches.

There are other apps available that work in similar fashion; some have other features that can help the photographer/phone user. A self-timer for instance, which is a feature that is lacking with the standard camera app, allows the operator to get in the photo before a picture is taken.

The shear number of iPhones being used makes the development of apps an attractive proposition for a developer. The phone has a very good camera, making photography-driven apps a logical and popular app category.



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Feb-19-13 12:39 PM

People talk about Apple apps and not Android apps for the same reason people talk about a Shelby but not a Taurus. There are many more Ford Taurus's out there then Shelby Mustangs however "sheer" numbers do not make them worth mentioning. Also bug and virus filled free apps don't qualify for mentioning either.


Feb-12-13 11:30 PM

Last paragraph, second word - should be "sheer" and not "shear".

I feel that it must be pointed out that while the article mentions apps for the iPhone, none are mentioned for Android based devices. Android devices outnumber iPhones 6 to 1, and there are more than 30 times more free Time Lapse apps for Android than there are for the iPhone.


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