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School profiles feature up-to-date profiles on the schools located in the area. Get information on each building of the five districts in the county plus area colleges and private schools.
>> Learn about the schools

Area communities have rich histories that dates back to the 1700s. Explore each of the communities and learn what went into making the area what it is today.
>> Learn how communities got their names

Building Blocks
Highlighting the buildings and structures that make the Mid-Ohio Valley unique.
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Historical Marietta
Marietta was settled in 1788 and has been an important part of the Mid-Ohio for more than 200 years.
>> Explore Marietta

Historical Front Pages
The Times has been publishing in Marietta since 1864. View front pages from the key events here or view hundreds of historic pages from each date in Time Capsule.

The Rivers
The Ohio River makes up the southern boundary of Washington County while the Muskingum River cuts it in two. The rivers were an early lifeline for those living in the Mid-Ohio Valley and still add an important part to life here.
>> Information on the waterways
Marietta Then and Now
Explore Marietta now and in the past through this online interactive photo exhibit.
>> Start your journey
Where we worship
Step into some of the churches that help make the area special
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Grave matters
Explore the historic cemeteries that dot the Washington County area
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Area parks
The MOV is full of great parks, some dating back to the pioneer days.
>> Learn more

Public officials
Address and phone numbers of those elected to serve the area.
>> List of officials
Looking for a club to join, or a park to play in, you will find it in our resource section.
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