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During a flood, benchmarks are the point at which an area goes underwater. Find your street here.

Historic Floods

Scores of floods have inundated the city of Marietta, here are some of most devastating. View list

Area rivers current levels
Ohio River
• At Marietta
• At Willow Island
• At Parkersburg

Muskingum River
• At McConnelsville
• At Beverly

Front page news
View flood and other historical front pages from The Times.

Explore how the 1913 flood affected different parts of Marietta

During March of 1913 Ohio suffered the worst flood in the history of the state. The flood forever changed the communities of both the Ohio and Muskingum valleys. In March and April of 2013 The Times took a look back at the flood that put more than 58 feet of water in the city. Many of the stories below are from that special report.

City’s rivers serve as its roots

March 31, 2015 Marietta’s position at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum rivers is always listed as one of its geographical markers. more »»

Residents’ relationship with rivers ever changing

March 31, 2015 When the Delta Queen parks on the Ohio River levee to unload passengers, or when an aged coal barge passes slowly along the river, it is easy to imagine life on the Ohio River as it was 100 or even... more »»

Much has changed in terms of protection from floods

April 8, 2013 More than 100 Ohio communities were left underwater by the March 1913 flood. More than 400 people in the state were killed as a result of the disaster, and nearly 36,000 homes were no longer livabl. more »»

With no federal disaster agency, Red Cross steps in

April 8, 2013 The 1913 flood was one of the worst natural disasters to hit the United States. more »»

Some businesses of today survived the 1913 flood

April 8, 2013 When the raging waters from the Ohio and Muskingum rivers swept through Marietta during the 1913 flood, local businesses incurred tremendous damages. more »»

1913 flood compared to today’s storms

April 8, 2013 How the flooding and tornadoes in the spring of 1913 stack up with recent natural disasters depends on what measures one uses. more »»

The debate over flood protection

April 8, 2013 Preventing floods in Marietta was no doubt a subject of debate long before the great flood of 1913 left 66 percent of the city underwate. more »»

Impact of severe floods often lingers

April 8, 2013 Living through a flood just comes with the territory when you’re one of the thousands of Washington County residents who lives near the area’s rivers and creeks. more »»

1913 flood, others part of local landmark’s history

April 8, 2013 The existence of a post office in Marietta dates almost back to the existence of Marietta itself. According to David Van Allen, corporate communications specialist for the U.S. more »»

Cutting edge bridge building followed flood

April 8, 2013 In the wake of the March 1913 flood 69 bridges had been heavily damaged or totally washed away along the Muskingum River Valley. more »»

1913 flood shortened usefulness of Ohio canal system

April 8, 2013 The Flood of 1913 hit Ohio tremendously hard, completely destroying the canal systems that allowed for goods to be distributed throughout the state. more »»

Early church withstands threats of flooding

April 8, 2013 In 1840, with no bridge over the Muskingum River connecting Harmar and downtown Marietta, it was so expensive for Harmar residents to take the ferry to church they decided to simply open their own o... more »»

River rising: ‘We are suffering, we need help’ local newspapers read

March 29, 2013 Weatherwise it was pretty certain that March 1913 would be going out like a lion in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Forecasts were calling for wind, snow and rain. more »»

River rising: ‘We are suffering, we need help’ local newspapers read

March 29, 2013 Weatherwise it was pretty certain that March 1913 would be going out like a lion in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Forecasts were calling for wind, snow and rain. more »»

Otto family shares its history of brothers’ store, flood

March 29, 2013 My father, Charles J. Otto, who inherited Otto Bros. Dept. Store in 1952, was just turning 5 years old in 1913. His shared stories about the 1913 flood and how it affected Otto Bro. more »»

And the rains came: Timeline for the days of 1913 flood

March 29, 2013 ¯ Easter Sunday, March 23—Winds ahead of a low-pressure system bring warm, moist air into the Ohio Valley. Temperatures rise from 30 degrees in the morning to 70 degrees that evenin. more »»

Damage in Marietta: Numbers help tell the story

March 29, 2013 Record-high floodwaters receding from Marietta at the end of March 1913 represented not the end of the city’s ordeal but the start of a new phas. more »»

Residents of today still fascinated with events of 1913

March 29, 2013 Events like floods are a topic of interest for the Sons and Daughters of the Pioneer Rivermen, the national riverboat historical society based in Mariett. more »»

Some houses swept away, others too damaged to inhabit

March 29, 2013 In the spring of 1913, 9-year-old Francis Yarnell sat with his sisters atop the hill on Quarry Street in Marietta and watched as record floodwaters carried houses away. more »»

Business restores home, enjoys life along the river

March 29, 2013 While many homes and other structures were lost to the 1913 floodwaters, others are still standing. Among them is the three-story structure at 521 Fort St. in the Historic Harmar Village. more »»



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