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Thank Obama’s energy policy for Ormet’s losses

September 25, 2014 There have been recent letters published in the Marietta Times blaming Andy Thompson for the shut down or Ormet. more »»

The Times: So much more than covering the news

September 24, 2014 This week the Marietta Times celebrates its 150th year of publication. It started as a weekly newspaper in 1864 and the business has been in continuous operation ever sinc. more »»

Marietta’s neglected properties can’t be ignored

September 23, 2014 Last week, some city officials grumbled that a series of Marietta Times stories on abandoned and neglected properties made the city look bad and turned attention to something that really isn’t an... more »»

Beverly hopes pool’s red ink can be lowered

September 22, 2014 Beverly village officials may be facing an uphill battle, but they are adamant about their desire to make the community’s swimming pool financially viable. We wish them luck. more »»

Share more information on dangerous inmates

September 20, 2014 Investigators looking into an Ohio prison escape last week should be demanding corrections officials provide a list of extremely dangerous inmates, along with where and under what conditions they ar... more »»

New studies on fracking could prompt changes

September 19, 2014 Many people seem to view “fracking” as synonymous with drilling for natural gas and oil. more »»

Beware of ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks

September 18, 2014 Let us hope Department of Homeland Security officials took note of recent remarks by their boss, Jeh Johnson, on a major terrorism threat. more »»

How many dangerous inmates aren’t in max security?

September 17, 2014 Investigators looking into an Ohio prison escape last week should be demanding corrections officials provide a list of extremely dangerous inmates, along with where and under what conditions they ar... more »»

Ohio school districts’ grades lack credibility

September 16, 2014 Pick a medium-sized to large school in Ohio and give 610 of its students a test. A few will do well and earn A grades. Most will get Bs, Cs and Ds. Some will do so badly they will be given Fs. more »»

Marietta should get to host Ohio's high court

September 15, 2014 We hope the Ohio Supreme Court will consider holding a court session in Washington County soon. The first of the court’s off-site sessions was in Marietta on Oct. 21, 1987. Chief Justice Thomas J. more »»

People needed to ‘CLEAN’ up drug problem

September 13, 2014 A group working to attack the community’s drug problem from a proactive standpoint is continuing its early efforts, but they need more people involved. more »»

Don’t be surprised by casinos’ track record

September 12, 2014 When Ohio voters finally agreed a few years ago to allow casino gambling in their state, many did so with reservation. more »»

EVE offers a way out of domestic violence

September 11, 2014 The aftermath of NFL player Ray Rice’s assault on his now-wife and his subsequent firing this week has led to plenty of discussion about domestic violence. more »»

Continue Piketon plant’s cleanup

September 10, 2014 President Barack Obama’s administration seems to have billions of dollars to throw away on unrealistic “alternative energy” subsidies — but not enough to clean up dangerous mistakes from the last... more »»

Expand treatment options for heroin addicts

September 9, 2014 If you think the war on drugs has been going well in this part of the country, you have not been reading the newspaper. Drug-related arrests are in the news virtually every day. more »»

Spirit of giving is real in the Valley

September 8, 2014 We are blessed in the Mid-Ohio Valley to have so many caring and dedicated people who raise money for a long list of charities. more »»

High cost salt in the wound for cities, towns

September 6, 2014 Salt — plain old sodium chloride — is the key to a critical public service on which area residents depend during the winter months. more »»

Generous gift shows real spirit of community

September 5, 2014 When KyLynn Buchanan was raising a lamb to sell at the Washington County Fair this year, she had no idea how valuable the animal would turn out to be. more »»

Ohio law shouldn’t hamper how judges hand out sentences

September 4, 2014 Ohio lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow judges to send low-level felony offenders to prison once again, after that option was essentially taken away in 2011. more »»

Islamic State’s terrorists a growing menace

September 3, 2014 Islamic State terrorists are a greater threat than al-Qaida ever was. That is because they possess several advantages al-Qaida never enjoyed. more »»



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