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Time to repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard

August 27, 2016 The ethanol industry in the U.S. thrives because we have allowed it to hide the true cost of converting corn to ethanol and we, as taxpayers, have been subsidizing i. more »»

Bipolar disorder a complex issue

August 27, 2016 Bipolar disorder is a complex mental illness. Bipolar disorder (manic depressive) is characterized by serious and significant mood swings. more »»

Asia’s great leap forward: Power shift from the West to the East

August 27, 2016 The idea that the rise of China might one day challenge America’s global dominance seemed like a remote fantasy some 20 years ago. more »»

Energy debate key to election

August 19, 2016 American voters know there is a lot at stake in the upcoming presidential election: The strength or weakness of the United States, the ongoing battle against terrorism, the future of the economy, an... more »»

Women at the top; a rising tide

August 13, 2016 For the first time in history, America is facing a real possibility of having a female president. more »»

Hillary Clinton lies about her stance on TPP

August 4, 2016 During an October 2011 trip to our nations capital, I remember getting up from my table at Sbarro, just beyond the gates of the Metro rail under Union Station, and walking to a newsstand. more »»

Depression, anxiety issues for many

July 30, 2016 Mental illness is a growing problem. There are 43.8 million people who experience some kind of mental illness in a given year. more »»

Education is changing, and that’s a good thing

July 30, 2016 Change is a scary word. For most, the difficulty with change is due to the fear of the unknown. more »»

Trump the candidate to rejuvenate the economy

July 29, 2016 A letter writer wrote an editorial in Sunday’s Parkersburg News & Sentinel paper and he did not feel that (Donald) Trump convinced him that he is going to improve the economy. more »»

Asia’s new era of conflict, confrontation

July 23, 2016 Asia’s political landscape is replete with earth-shattering challenges, all centered on a major power, China. more »»

Researching the B.Z. & C

July 16, 2016 aAcross the Muskingum River in Waterford, a rival standard gauge railroad was starting to take shape due to the efforts of Albert E. Boone, a Zanesville railroad promoter. more »»

Hillary off hook through Clinton criminality

July 15, 2016 On Tuesday, July 5, about 11 a.m. more »»

Clinton’s emails head to court of public opinion

July 14, 2016 There’s no more arguing about it. Hillary Clinton sent and received classified emails on her unsecure, home servers. She lied about it — many time. more »»

Gun control debate in history

July 9, 2016 In days of yore, before the turn of the 21st century, it was a common practice in public schools for American history teachers to require their students to take turns reading sections of founding... more »»

Hillary Clinton’s private email server damages national security, confidence

July 9, 2016 Why would Secretary of State Clinton set up an email server in her house to handle her emails while she was secretary of state? Having classified material in a non-secure area is a criminal offense... more »»

Commencement is a time for celebration

July 2, 2016 Commencement is clearly the most important day in the life of a college for it is at this ceremony that we celebrate the success of our students. more »»

Beverly railroad talk through 1887

July 2, 2016 Beverly’s hopes of getting a railroad were seriously threatened when the Zanesville and Southeastern and the Bellaire and Southwesten joined on January 20, 1882, forming the B. Z. & . more »»

North Korea nuclear threat no longer a concern but a reality

July 2, 2016 After five consecutive failures, and against all outside experts’ “doomed to fail” predictions, Pyongyang conducted a successful and powerful missile launch on June 2. more »»

Marietta schools survey staff, students, parents

June 25, 2016 Hello Marietta! As our summer begins I am just finishing my first year in my new position at Marietta City Schools. more »»

Local drug court needed

June 25, 2016 Much has been written about the opioid epidemic in Ohio and the overpopulation of the correctional system by non-violent drug-related offenders. more »»



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