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A Weighty Issue: Weight loss resolution made every day

December 6, 2010 It was a cold, dark and rainy morning. Sounds suspenseful, doesn’t it? I entered the building with an anxious and worrisome stride. Although it was rainy outside, the room was well-lit and warm. more »»

Comics gift guide

December 1, 2010 It’s often difficult to find the perfect gift for the fanboy in your life. more »»

Treasure in the Attic: Painting found in attic worth thousands

November 29, 2010 Several weeks ago, John Buell was looking around his grandfather’s attic in Weston, W.Va., when he came upon a 5 foot by 7 foot painting covered in dust, and asked his grandmother about it. more »»

The year-round gardener: CFL, HOT5, LED ... the new breeds of indoor lighting?

November 29, 2010 By now most of you are familiar with the acronym “CFL,” or compact fluorescent light; the “curly” bulb that we’ve been putting in our homes to replace the old, energy-inefficient, incandescent light... more »»

Treasure in the Attic: Madoff auction grosses $2 million

November 22, 2010 Thousands of items seized by the U.S. Marshals Office, once belonging to financier Bernard and Ruth Madoff, went up for sale on the auction block Nov. 1. more »»

Treasure in the Attic: Penny sells for $1.7M

November 15, 2010 A 1943 zinc coated steel penny sold recently for a record $1.7 million, owned by a New Jersey coin dealer. more »»

The year-round gardener: How much light does your indoor garden need?

November 15, 2010 How much light does a plant require? First, consider where and how it grows best in its natural environment. more »»

Treasure in the Attic: Insulator sells for $26K

November 8, 2010 The telegraph was invented in 1844. The devices developed to hold the electrical transmission wires to the poles were called insulators. more »»

A Weighty Issue: The big ‘40’ puts everything into perspective

November 8, 2010 Hot Dog! (I prefer the turkey-cheddar variety). I’ve lost 6 pounds in a week and a half. Now, I’m down to 294 pounds from 300 pound. more »»

Comics with a local flavor

November 3, 2010 This weekend, thousands of comic book fans from around the Midwest will be flocking to Columbus for the largest comic convention in the state, the annual Mid-Ohio Con. more »»

Treasure in the Attic: Antique motorcycle is worth hundreds at auction

November 1, 2010 When the Parkersburg Sentinel first started out as a weekly newspaper on July 17, 1875, by its owners, R.E. Horner, proprietor, and John W. more »»

Special occasions bring extra temptations

October 25, 2010 Well, the holiday season is fast approaching and so are the lures of temptation. You know what that means ... candy, buffets, cakes and cookies ... more »»

Treasure in the Attic: Cedar chest is worth hundreds

October 18, 2010 Question: I have an old cedar chest on casters in excellent condition, size 43 x 19 x 17, manufactured by Universal Cabinet Company, Chicago, Illinois. more »»

The year-round gardener: Basic water-based hydroponic systems and how they work

October 18, 2010 There are six basic types of reservoir-based hydroponic systems; Wick, Deep Water Culture, Ebb and Flow (flood and drain), Drip (recovery or non-recovery), N.F.T. more »»

Treasure in the Attic: Root beer, tea, toys and more

October 11, 2010 Question: I have an old Buckeye root beer dispenser that was used years ago in a drug store on Putnam Street in Marietta. What would this item be worth to a collector? — B.W., Marietta. more »»

A Weighty Issue: Hiatus from column by no means giving up

October 11, 2010 I suppose you may have wondered why there has not been a column appearing in the paper lately. I went on vacation and missed the deadline for submitting that week’s column. more »»

The Walking Dead

October 6, 2010 A sickness has infected comic book shops across the globe. It spreads from shelf to reader, turning them incurably ravenous. The afflicted then pass it on to unwary friends and family. more »»

Treasure in the Attic: Bread pan brings in the dough

October 4, 2010 A very rare “Griswold” No. 26 double loaf bread pan made between 1900 and 1910 was found recently at a garage sale in Mariett. more »»

The year-round gardener: Next step in plant cloning? Water and light

October 4, 2010 Now that you have mastered the art of taking perfect cuttings, the next challenge is to keep them alive long enough to root and become a plant. more »»

Treasure in the Attic: It pays to research paintings

September 27, 2010 An oil painting donated to a rummage sale for a halfway house for substance abusers in Corpus Christie, Texas, didn’t sell at the asking price of 50 cents. more »»



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