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Jury convicts man for sexual assault of girl, 15

January 24, 2013

After less than an hour of deliberation, a jury returned two guilty verdicts in Washington County Common Pleas Court Wednesday for a Marietta man accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old family......

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Jan-26-13 7:45 AM

Colt, CHRISTIANITY IS NOT A RELIGION, and I imagine Stiff is a Christian, like myself. One does not have to be religious to believe in our Lord and savior. And AskNot, although I was not yet born in the 50's, I myself would love to live in that time, when people had morals, they were responsible for their actions, and there was still a "family unit" producing more successful young adults. Yes I'd give anything to go back to a time where the Christians outnumbered people like the two pieces of trash mentioned in this news article.

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Jan-25-13 10:08 AM

Working....instead of blindly following what you are told why don't you educate yourself on the topic of religion. I always find it comical when everyone wants to "burn the Witches" without knowing their own religion. Did you know your beloved Jesus is a spring baby? If you study your bible you will see he was born 6 months after John....that means his bday is around Mar. 6th. Please take the time to learn your own religion before telling me about mine.

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Jan-24-13 8:15 PM

Again...disturbing and may I add weird!

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Jan-24-13 7:31 PM

exofDevola....this man and I had a college class together years ago and had a huge debate over psy is not a new thing for him. I just didn't know about the child abuse back them. Miss Day told me about how and when they met, but by then she was an adult and seemingly very happy with her life. I wish I would have known more then. Maybe this wouldn't have happened.

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Jan-24-13 7:10 PM a Traditional Hereditary Witch it is a lifestyle...Mother Earth and the Moon, the seasons and our ancestors are how we worship life since these are how life is born, lived, and dies. Wicca is a religion with gods and/or goddesses depending on who they are drawn to. To consider a Pagan religion/lifestyle an oxymoron must then include Christianity since its roots are Pagan. Would it be easier for you if this man claimed he was Christian? Or is it just the fact that he is different that you have closed your mind to facts and choose to believe in Mr. Hess's fantasy as well.

Armybrat and Asknot...thank you! If more people learned the facts we might find ourselves in a more peaceful world.

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Jan-24-13 6:16 PM

I think this awful excuse for a human decided on his strange belief after he was caught. I hope he stays in prison his entire sentence.I wonder if he will espouse his belief in the big house. I think this so called psyc vamp won't be vocal there.

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Jan-24-13 3:10 PM


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Jan-24-13 1:48 PM

This man is an insult to all religions, no matter what the religions origins are. People are quick to condemn pagan religions in murders. Yet in comparison, over the years, how many murders and trials have been done in the name of christian belief. More than in pagan religions.

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Jan-24-13 1:14 PM

The initial point has been lost....he is NOT a Witch or a Wiccan. He is a sick child abuser who used religion as his excuse. There is no excuse for child abuse or rape or any other attack against our fellow humans. It is wrong....period.

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Jan-24-13 1:11 PM

America was founded by nature based religion/lifestyles of the native people. Many people came to America to search for religious freedom. Their hope was to escape the religious persecution they were facing in their countries. The early white settlers had a variety of religions and lifestyles including Traditional Witchcraft, yet persecution continued, or did the Salem Witch Trials where innocent Christians died slip your mind. We have always been a melting pot from the very beginning. I don't understand why this is such an issue with people. I put my pants on the same way you do....our biggest difference is you step foot in a church once a week to worship...I only have to step foot outside which I do daily....Blessed Be )O(

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Jan-24-13 12:38 PM

@newworld...Most victims don't realize it's wrong, or abuse. Can't believe you're blaming parents for them getting molested. If you had a child that got molested by a trusted family member or friend, its your fault right?? Moron!!!

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Jan-24-13 12:36 PM

Many organizations lobby the American Psychiatric Association and other governing bodies to have their particular deviation included in the DSM-R5. In the American culture, pedophilia is a crime. It is thought to be normal behavior and not a deviation by those who sexually desire children. IMHO pedophilia is no more a mental illness than is homosexuality. It's the person's sexual orientation.

Any sexual orientation is fine by me as long as it is not harmful to anyone. An adult like this guy clearly harms young women and girls. Ten years isn't enough punishment, but remember it can't change his sexual orientation. When he gets out he will return to his predatory behavior.

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Jan-24-13 12:26 PM

Watchdog....being a Witch isn't so different than any other nature based lifestyles, which includes Native American Indians. Of course we all have our minor differences, but we are peaceful, kind, moral, ethical, etc. We just don't believe in the Christian god. Of course claiming to be something you are not and doing terrible things is hypocritical and damaging to those who truly follow these natural paths. You'd be surprised how many Witches and Wiccans are in our area. As for psy vamps....these are not your blood sucking vampires....they believe in energy as their life force...there is a difference. I don't live in a gingerbread house. I don't need to take off my skin toned makeup that covers my green skin and sadly...I can not turn anyone into a toad, although I know several I'd like to be able to do so to. We are not the ones to be afraid of. And before it is said....No...there is no Satan in our lifestyle, he is a Christian deity (not a god but one of power)you all can keep him.

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Jan-24-13 12:25 PM

Since the chances of a sexual predator are slim to none that they will "rehabilitate" or never act on there impulses again, I believe the sentence should be death. Someone of this nature shouldn't be allowed in society or incarcerated. Especially when the victims themselves may become predators to cope with what happened to them...

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Jan-24-13 12:14 PM

I find this whole thing of people thinking they are witches and vampires very disturbing!

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Jan-24-13 11:15 AM

from what i heard this girl is his daughter.. really sick!!!!

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Jan-24-13 10:51 AM

WS: Could you, just ONCE, make a comment on a subject, any subject, without taking a jab at YOUR President? Even if you occasionally make a valid point, you ruin it with your hateful rhetoric.

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Jan-24-13 10:40 AM

Guess the one who disagreed with my post must support B4U-Act's contention that pedophiles are just “minor-attracted people" and that it's okay to be one. It's either that or they are one of those who 'disagree' just because I was the one who posted it. If the latter is true and they don't really approve of pedophiles, how sad is it they they would go against their own personal beliefs just so they can 'disagree' with me? And if they 'disagreed' because what they think what I posted was false, well you can't fix stupid.

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Jan-24-13 10:09 AM

I can tell you that as a Traditional Hereditary Witch there are NO areas where sex is part of a ceremony. I know many Wiccans and the same stands, there is no sex. We believe Harm None! Period. Sadly this man is a predator who is claiming religion and lifestyle as his that hasn't been seen in most religions before. It is a sick excuse and gives those of us who are true to our religion and/or lifestyles a bad name. Sadly I also know that Miss Day was one of his victims. She was only 14 when he first was with her. Both are in the wrong, but after years of brainwashing and abuse Miss Day is also a victim. Sadly she is also an abuser. Only in the past few years did I find out about their past relationship. As for a psy vamp. I was told they are able to move energy like a healer, but I always thought of them as one who drains you of energy for their own use. His victims will live with this for the rest of their lives. Ten years is not long enough for him.

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Jan-24-13 9:50 AM

come on guys he was kidding working stiff started out with Sarcasm and end of sarcasm

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Jan-24-13 9:39 AM

Sorry Stiff that some don't recognize the word 'sarcasm' at the beginning and end of your comment but your last sentence about him 'just expressing himself', well get ready for more of that being acceptable. "A group of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals say it’s time to change the way society views individuals who have physical attractions to children." and "The organization, which calls itself B4U-Act, is lobbying for changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, the guideline of standards on mental health that’s put together by the American Psychiatric Association." and then there is this "B4U-Act calls pedophiles “minor-attracted people.” The organization’s website states its purpose is to, “help mental health professionals learn more about attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma and fear.” Progressivism as it's best don't you think? That last sentence was sarcasm, just so

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Jan-24-13 9:18 AM

I have to say that workingstiff is very judgemental. Give me a link to the statement where Obama declared we are no longer a Christian Nation. thanks

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Jan-24-13 8:56 AM

"oldhickory" You missed stiffy's point.

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Jan-24-13 8:16 AM

Workingstiff, there was a time that although I seldom agreed with your posts, I respected your opinion. That day has passed. I have now concluded that you are as sick as the perpetrator of this crime.

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Jan-24-13 7:56 AM

Beyond sickening.

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