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Ethane cracker plant a major coup for Wood County

November 15, 2013

PARKERSBURG — The proposed development of a new petrochemical complex - the ethane cracker plant - in Wood County will be a game changer for the entire state of West Virginia, the governor said......

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Jan-13-14 10:57 AM

Two words: SOUND AND SMELL. Ok, three words.

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Dec-03-13 3:19 PM

I hope it comes here, and if you don't like it here and complain about the emissions, which are getting better, move it is a free country and you are able to live any where you like

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Nov-17-13 6:23 PM

Uh-em, moved for employment, wife got a great opportunity to work back here, but you know, if you get a chance, Ocean City, MD., is nice, they have 2 great car shows, 1 Memorial Day weekend, the other, Labor Day weekend, plus the salt air is good for you.....

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Nov-17-13 6:17 PM

NRDC: Our Children At Risk ****nrdc**** › ... › Health Main Page › All Health Documents During the 1980s, the prevalence of childhood asthma increased nearly 40 percent. ... The nation has failed to protect its most precious citizens -- its children -- from the ... The study correlated American Cancer Society data on the health of 1.2 ..... Then, in 1992, the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition published a report

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Nov-17-13 6:16 PM

Research on mortality rates in heavily polluted areas reveals statistically significant links between high levels of air pollutants and increased numbers of deaths, primarily among the elderly. Particulates show the clearest link, and elevated death rates have been found even at particulate concentrations that are well below the pre-1997 federal health standards; death rates start to inch upward when particulates reach levels below the pre-1997 federal standard......

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Nov-17-13 12:56 PM

The trade off of dismantling an old chemical plant (SABIC) and replacing it with a new one will be astounding. Much higher production rates with lower emissions. The Houston article compared old with now and the reductions as they happen. With the loss of another tax paying entity replaced by a tax exempt one has the tax people wondering who or what will replace the loss. With overestimation of the number of workers to build the plant and probably the permanent workers at the new plant also high the return will take much longer to come to pass. The market is saturated with natgas and it's components. This plant would have no problem receiving all it could handle and more. Natrium and Sherwood are both expanding their stripper units and both will be able to handle a billion cubit feet per day very soon. Thee products have to go elsewhere to be further refined. Let it be here and we can at least reap some of the gains.

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Nov-16-13 11:03 AM

First they complain about Stupidville and then they move here and complain about the Valley. Then some people say how great it is living on the coast while they live here.

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Nov-16-13 10:59 AM

Japan took a major step back on Friday from earlier pledges to slash its greenhouse gas emissions. Under its new goal, Japan, one of the world’s top polluters, would still seek to reduce its current emissions. But it would release 3 percent more greenhouse gases in 2020 than it did in 1990, rather than the 6 percent cut it originally promised or the 25 percent reduction it promised two years before the 2011 nuclear disaster.

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Nov-16-13 9:42 AM

Greek, the workers have as much risk from the emissions as everyone else living in the valley. The problem isn't so much that it affects workers, but that it also affects every person, plant, animal, and stream that the emissions come into contact with. Yes, the emissions standards have come a long way from when I lived in Steubenville and couldn't see more than 2 feet in front of me on some bad days due to the coke plants. But they still have a very long way to go to be safe to the environment. Please stop sticking your head in the sand. Get some real knowledge behind you before making statements about something you are ignorant of.

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Nov-16-13 7:02 AM

@Youdon'tknow If you read real news about articles you can learn facts.But nice try on the spin. .

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Nov-16-13 12:28 AM

It has to be true, I read it on the internet.

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Nov-15-13 11:04 PM

The more I read about the company and everything going with the pipelines and everything else.I will dance nude through the streets of the city only wearing one sock when they start construction on the plant.But don't worry the plant is never going to get built.

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Nov-15-13 9:30 PM

So you like to compare thirty or forty year old plants with with a brand new plant designed by one of the planets most environmentally concerned corporations. Don't newer cars produce less emissions than 40 year old cars? Advancements in engineering have been known to happen.

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Nov-15-13 6:52 PM

Well said asknot, lived on eastern shore for 6+ years, less than 1/2 from the Atlantic, for the first few months,I kept wondering what was that smell, it was fresh air,and the 80 year olds from around there looked more like 50-60 year olds...

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Nov-15-13 12:07 PM

Out of all the things to disagree with, I can't believe that anybody could disagree with asknot on their statement? You're saying you DO want asthma, cancer and heart attacks? I'm not even commenting on the statement made, just surprised that people could actually disagree with that statement.

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Nov-15-13 11:51 AM

It's not going to be built in WV its going to be built farther south near a port.There just saying it might be built so they can get the pipeline approved.It doesn't make since to have a plant this far north when you have to pay to have it trucked south.

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Nov-15-13 11:29 AM

This is great news. It was so said seeing what GE did to the old Borg Warner business and to see the plant leveled. It will be nice to see some life into that old property.

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Nov-15-13 10:50 AM

Great news for residents and businesses on both sides of the river!

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