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The Year-round Gardener: Earthworms are hard-working creatures

March 28, 2011
Marietta Times

Vermicomposting replicates nature's process of breaking down vegetation and other organics such as kitchen scraps and leftovers using earthworms, beneficial bacteria and other organisms. Turning the organic waste of a household into compost allows us to return badly needed organic matter to the soil. In this way, we participate in nature's cycle, and cut down on garbage going into already burgeoning landfills. Earthworms are at work twenty-four hours a day creating nutrient rich castings that mixes and aerates the soil, improves water filtration, moderates soil pH, makes nutrients more available to plants, breaks animal and plant matter into compost and increases beneficial microbial action in the soil. It can take a gardener up to 240 days to make a fine grade of compost. Worms can make vermicompost in just thirty days.



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