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Mayor of Marietta

October 29, 2011
The Marietta Times


1.A deficit is looming for the city. What are some ways to balance the budget without a major impact to services?

2.What are some ways that the city administration can directly impact the number of people and businesses moving to Marietta and staying here?

3. Aside from the budget, what is a key issue in the city you think needs to be addressed as soon as you take office?

Jon J. Grimm

Age: 45

Address:123 Sunset Dr.


Occupation:?Grimm Scientific Ind.

Offices held:?Current City Councilman

1. In the short term we need to look for efficiencies as well some creative cost control measures like contracts with insurance providers etc. Unfortunately that won't get us where we need to be, some tough choices will need to be made. That will mean some projects will need to wait, we will have to look at things like cost share for city employee benefits. However, all of this is only a short term band-aid, the only real fix is increasing revenue by increasing our tax base. We do this by creating an atmosphere in which local business can grow and thrive. We need to improve our regulatory climate and make it easy for businesses to do business.

2. Simple, consistent, common sense regulation for both business and private citizens. Certainly some regulation is needed but we need to put in place a system that helps guide people through the process. We must also maintain our high quality of life. A high quality of life may be Marietta's biggest asset and is an advantage in competing with other communities for businesses and prospective citizens.

3. Did I mention our regulatory climate? Well in addition to that infrastructure is a key issue. A comprehensive preventative system that includes water, sewer, streets, alleys, and sidewalks needs to be adopted. A plan needs to be put in place, and followed, that addresses reconstruction of streets whose condition has deteriorated to the point simply repaving is a waste of money.

Joe A. Matthews


Address:?966 Lancaster St.

Occupation: Retired.

Offices held:?Served two terms as Marietta mayor.

1. The City of Marietta employees are hardworking and dedicated to the citizens of this city. They realize the economy is in trouble, and I believe they will work with the new administration to do whatever is necessary to get the city through the financial crisis we are facing in the upcoming year. I have a history of very good relations with city employees and I will bring this to the office of Mayor in January, 2012.

Based on the recent City Auditor's monthly report, I am confident that the city income tax collections will continue to trend upward. This means that more jobs are being created which will bode well for the delivery of city services. But, to continue this positive growth in the city income tax collection, I will change the focus of the city Development Department by changing its mission. I will redesign this office to align itself with other development offices in the county. I will use this office as a job attraction tool, working with local businesses and with other agencies outside the city to find ways to make Marietta more attractive to outside entrepreneurs. I will instruct them to make available tools like the Community Reinvestment Act to make our business and manufacturing districts more appealing.

I will work with business already in the city to investigate ways to help them expand within our boundaries. I will work with our largest employers and City Council to implement zoning changes that will make their growth, and the subsequent addition of jobs, and the resulting city income tax growth, a reality.

Finally, I have, over the years, developed a strong network of state and federal agencies which I will be able to tap into for assistance for bringing additional funding into our city.

2. My city administration will be receptive to ideas and proposals from citizens as to what city government can do to support quality of life issues. My administration will support and recommend to City Council proposals and sources of funding for various projects that will make the city more attractive.

I have observed that Mariettans are very supportive of the large variety of events that have come into being in the downtown area over the past few years. It is my intention to continue to grow these events in order to draw more people downtown and make the city more attractive to tourists.

Working with the county, state and federal governments, my administration will support and provide incentives for business growth. In today's global economy, a company can relocate and/or create an office in a small town like Marietta and compete effectively. When elected I will encourage innovation and expansion of the city's infrastructure to provide a climate where businesses can grow and prosper.

3. In my previous tenure as mayor, I spent a great deal of energy improving the city's infrastructure. We must maintain our water and sewer lines, our streets, alleys and our park system.

My history includes the construction of two new water tanks, the rebuilding of the water treatment plant from two systems into one, the refurbishing of the Glendale water tank, several projects in the water treatment plant, the drilling of a new water well, construction of the Aquatic Center, and Phase I of the bike path. It will be my objective to initiate a long-term maintenance plan to replace water and sewer lines, reinstitute and follow an alley repair plan, increase the number of brick street repairs to a level comparable to what was in place when I left office eight years ago, and make sure that streets, such as Warner and Maple Street, get the attention they deserve.

Probably one of the first major undertakings that will come across my desk will be how to be able to keep the level of service we provide at the same level we have provided in the past. I will have my team evaluate the practice of insourcing versus outsourcing. I will look at staffing levels in all departments to determine how to offer the best services to the community. Finally, I will promise to be a 24/7, 365 days/year mayor who will be accessible to the public. I will be a presence in City Hall and around the city. I will be out there looking at problems and issues. I will be a full-time mayor.



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