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Editorial: Singer can move city forward as auditor

November 3, 2011
The Marietta Times

As Marietta voters cast their ballots in the Nov. 8 election, they'll have to weigh which candidates will best move the city forward in a positive direction.

For the position of city auditor, we feel that candidate is Dana Singer.

Singer, running as an Independent, will bring fresh energy and enthusiasm to the office and take on initiatives to upgrade and improve processes there.

Her background as a lawyer certainly makes her capable of ensuring the office follows state law, an important part of the job.

But Singer also has plans to take on more.

For starters, she wants to do an audit on the city's bed tax, something that surprisingly has never been done. More and more money is coming in but no one has ensured that the city is getting everything it should be.

Singer plans to take on more independent audits and spot checks instead of just assuming the system is working.

In addition, she plans to make the office more open and accessible and to have more available online. What's there now is hard to understand for people without a background in state finances but it could be broken down into more reader-friendly terms.

Singer doesn't have the experience in the auditor's office the other candidate has but she is smart, capable and has done her homework on the city and the office. She wouldn't be content to just let things go on in the office as they always have, when there are improvements that could be made.

Her past military experience shows that she has a commitment to service that could be well utilized in the office.

While Singer is the stronger candidate for the auditor office, we would urge competitor Sherri Hess, currently deputy auditor in the office, to remain. Hess has valuable experience in the day-to-day operations there that is invaluable.

While Singer is the better choice to move the office beyond the status quo, the two would make a great team and we hope would be willing to work together for the city of Marietta.



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