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Government is overstepping its bounds with health care

October 19, 2013
The Marietta Times

"Welcome to, this is a stick-up," is what the welcome message to all visitors of that website should read. But no, seemingly some American people believe that their federal government can simply wave their magic wand and create a statutory law that mandates, no, forces individuals and families to buy so-called "affordable" health insurance. I don't see how $200, $300, $500, or $900 premiums per month before yearly deductibles is "affordable" to anyone. And no, I'm not making these numbers up. Of course some people must have an inkling that this thing is not going to work, let alone illegal for government to do. Early reports of the enrollment on the first two days of the opening of 'Obamacare,' shows that less than 1% of people in select states which posted enrollment statistics have signed up for their wonderful government subsidized "healthcare." Then again it could be the fact that there's no hope for us - 99% of so-called enrollments have been lost, deleted, backlogged or simply unfinished since the opening of the "marketplace." Maybe the electronic trouble will kill the system so we don't have to rely on our politicos. Yet hopefully more people don't give in to the hype over the so-called law, which is really only a tax. Meaning that if you don't sign up and follow the demands of your loving nanny government, you'll be fined the amount of your tax returns each year you file (tax return dollars withheld), and possibly more. And yes, the IRS will try to get their "fines" from you; just ask the 16,500 new IRS agents the federal government hired last year. Yet according to Douglas Shulman, former IRS commissioner, in April of 2010 answered that despite the fines seen on paper the law carries a "Waiver of Criminal Penalties," meaning that people who do not comply with buying insurance or even comply with the notice of fines, that no criminal penalties can be levied against individuals, families, or businesses. The only catch is the aforementioned, that you will not see a penny of your tax dollars back when you file each year. Despite some claims that say driving privileges, or property liens or jail time could result in non-compliance, supposedly they are untrue and the federal government cannot do anything past sending nasty letters and withhold tax returns as penalties. We'll see about that, especially since the law has been revised so many times since 2010 and amounts to over 10,000 pages of legislation that no lawmaker has read. Either way, the government is penalizing you for not buying a product, which brings me to another point.



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