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National politics

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523 days ago.
by BobBarker
What are the ramifications of Wisconsin's contract annulment legislation?

Posts: 2 - Even if you like the notion of busting unions via this legislation, where do you suppose this concept could end?

524 days ago.
by BobBarker
Forum reader headcount

Posts: 8 - Based on the low number of active participants in these forums, I'm caused to wonder: how well read the are the comments posted here? It is entirely possible that no one is paying attention.

533 days ago.
by moderation

Posts: 76 - Remember folks, a vote FOR Obama for president on Tuesday is, IN FACT, a vote for Joe Biden to become YOUR PRESIDENT - ALSO!

535 days ago.
by thegreek
Letting a sycophant donor "investigate"

Posts: 66 - What a sick joke. Liberals would have had a fit if GW BUSH had appointed some big bucks lackey to "investigate" an abuse of power in his Administratio.

555 days ago.
by BobBarker
Are states who do not require Photo ID in order to vote encouraging fraudulent elections?

Posts: 98 - Recently, the obama administration's attorney general struck down laws in Texas and South Carolina requiring voters to show a Photo ID before they can vote claiming it "disenfranchises"...

556 days ago.
by asknot
When should a person be punished for stating an opinion?

Posts: 467 - As many people might know, 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson gave an interview to GQ Magazine and gave his colorful opinion on different social topic.

557 days ago.
by BobBarker
Comparison: Obamacare and Prohibition

Posts: 97 - In the 1920, the 18th Amendment went into effect and made the US a "dry" countr.

557 days ago.
by luvthesouth
Taxed too much?

Posts: 407 - Here's the chance fo everyone to offload on why taxes have ruined their lives...

637 days ago.
by R1KRA8
Members of Congress should not undermine the U.S. government

Posts: 153 - United States Congressmen should not threaten the existence of the United States government simply because those Congressmen do not like a program.

656 days ago.
by R1KRA8
Term Limits: Good, bad or just plain ugly

Posts: 5 - Seems like whenever everyday people finally pay attention to Congress, the tirade of, "We need term limits" gets thrown out. But what do you think of the idea?

658 days ago.
by R1KRA8
Off shore interrogation: Did someone tell Obama yet?

Posts: 11 - United States interrogators who specialize in so-called high value targets will question a suspected al Qaeda operative aboard an American warship without reading him his rights, U..

663 days ago.
by R1KRA8
If the Affordable Care Act is allowed to take hold, Mr. Romney's 47% will become the new majority and the 100 year plan will have succeeded

Posts: 5 - If those dependent on the government are allowed to exceed 50% of the vote, the United States of America will never recover.

698 days ago.
by R1KRA8
50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Posts: 47 - What has been the impact of the march on the nation? Looking back, what criticisms or praise can be gleaned?

728 days ago.
by thegreek
Is there ever a point where we need to quit trying to "understand" people who do bad things?

Posts: 8 - I was recently reading about a story in California about these guys who kept a 15 year old girl locked in a box when she wasn't being forced to work on there drug farm.

730 days ago.
by oneill
Thugs running the Obama campaign now targeting Romney campaign donors

Posts: 20 - Not only have they targeted Romney donors, but According to Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot they have also targeted his children! Obama is working with groups like Media Matters for America (MMFA)...

746 days ago.
by Kendall78
Will Obama now release his college transcripts, records, and passport applications now that Donald Trump has offered Obama a $5 million donation to the charity of his choice?

Posts: 3 - Personally I doubt obama will release anything. It is apparent there is something in those records they don't want the American people to see.

775 days ago.
by Munster
Save Medicare

Posts: 8 - The Romney-Ryan plan would institute a new premium-support plan beginning with new beneficiaries in 2023.

775 days ago.
by flintknapper
Today's Mittstrosity: What Gov. Betrays His Own State? Mitt Does!

Posts: 2 - What Governor Betrays His Own State? Mitt Does! No wonder he will lose the state he governed, his home state, big time.

775 days ago.
by Munster
Suspend voting rights?

Posts: 1 - Should individuals receiving public assistance such as welfare, food stamps, WIC, etc have their voting rights suspended until such time they can support their own well being.