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National politics

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1120 days ago.
by Morningstar
PANTS ON FIRE Lies of Obama #3

Posts: 0 - Obama campaign says Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich all say they would cut foreign aid to Israel — and every other country — to zero.

1120 days ago.
by R1KRA8
Criticism of touring nuns out of bounds

Posts: 0 - The moment the nuns on the bus agreed to speak at the Democratic Convention in prime time they stopped being non-partisan and became spoke people for the Dem Party.

1120 days ago.
by R1KRA8
There were two lengthy Letters to the Editor this weekend telling us all why not to vote for Romney but neither provided any reason, repeat, any reason to vote for Barack Obama.

Posts: 0 - This is the same problem that Obama had in the debate where he could not talk about or defend his agenda or strategy.

1120 days ago.
by R1KRA8
Just How Low????

Posts: 0 - How low are the Obama campaign, and their "useful idiots" willing to go to win 4 more years for this failure of a President? Between snipes at Romney's religion, and outright lies told by...

1120 days ago.
by R1KRA8
Are Karl Childers and Barack Obama cousins?

Posts: 0 - What brilliant Democratic strategist told Obama to display his best Karl Childer's face (the character played by Billy Bob Thorton in the movie "Sling Blade") when listening to Mitt Romne...

1129 days ago.
by blueButGlad
Mitt's Sadly Narrow View of Success

Posts: 0 - Soldier? Teacher? Steel Worker? You are no success in Mitt's Eyes. Mitt has a very narrow view of success... *******mittinyourpocket.weebly****/todays-mittstrosity.html

1130 days ago.
by Syme1984
Today's "Mittstrosity": This Apple Fell Far From the Tree

Posts: 0 - Mitt said his dad was, "close to perfect". Mitt's son Tagg sees Mitt following "in his (dad's) footsteps". Not even close Tagg. Sad to say, not even close.

1147 days ago.
by BeRight
Gaggle of Nitwits: Who will ultimately be the Republican nominee to oppose Obama?

Posts: 0 - My opinion: The exhisting (and past) Republican candidates who have expressed the desire to oppose Obama in 2012 do not have a chance.