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National politics

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10 minutes ago.
by NasCarNut
Daily breaking news and news the liberal media doesn't want you to know, won't report, or just daily news issues.

Posts: 7424 - Americans for many years have had to rely on left leaning biased news reporting from liberal media such as NBC, ABC, and CBS and the New York Times.

18 minutes ago.
by NasCarNut

Posts: 2836 - Anybody but Hillary.

1 hour ago.
by BeRight
Barack Obama Legacy

Posts: 6617 - BBB

15 hours ago.
by Kunectdots

Posts: 933 - Nothing seems to add up in this Ambassador Stevens murder. Orders to stand down. Poor security on 911.

16 hours ago.
by Coaluser

Posts: 1979 - Offshore wind farms from New Jersey to Virginia took a big step closer to reality with the completion of a review that showed the renewable energy source would not cause major environmental damage,...

2 days ago.
by moderation
The legacy of George "Dubya" Bush

Posts: 104 - He started wars on a basis of lies and left a economy in shambles and almost in a depression .

4 days ago.
by absolem
Trump for President

Posts: 214 - good late afternoon all. this is my first topic...a little bashful. anyway...this topic is a gift for Nascarnut. He is following the Donald in his quest to become President or so he alledges..

6 days ago.
by slinky
Obamacare is not "FREE" health care

Posts: 2176 - People have finally realized that the word “free” is nowhere to be found in Obamacare’s “ Affordable Health Care Act”. Coverage under President Barack Obama's health care law won't be cheap.

19 days ago.
by absolem
Overcoming our leanings

Posts: 44 - As absolem pointed out, we all have leanings. Leanings are predisposed ways of thinking or, if you will, tendencies to judge hastily. Hasty judgments defeat rational decision-making.

19 days ago.
by absolem
Sell us your political philosophy.

Posts: 75 - He is an opportunity for the Liberals and Conservatives out there to do something positive. Sell the independent voter you side. Just tell us 3 great things about your side from the last decade.

33 days ago.
by slinky
Sleezy Uncle Joe

Posts: 168 - Well that's Uncle Joe, he's a swimmin mighty slow at the Junction, WOO ! WOO !... Obama's Junction. Keep your hands off those kids and women unrelated to you there, Creepy.

34 days ago.
by slinky
A Nobel Peace Prize Winning Fool

Posts: 56 - Our old buddy here, OHWISEONE, has wanted to credit Obama with "ending two wars" for quite a while. Iraq is now a complete mes.

44 days ago.
by absolem
Racism and the 2012 election

Posts: 727 - Explain how one group can be racist for voting around 60% against a man of a different racial background but another group that votes 90% against a person of a different racial background isn't...

54 days ago.
by absolem
Religious Ignorance in the US

Posts: 427 - Recently we have had letters sent to the editor that have used incorrect quotes from our Founding Fathers on the subject of religion.

78 days ago.
by Ohwiseone
Is the GOP "out of touch" with women?

Posts: 604 - A recent CNN poll has 55% of Americans saying that the GOP doesn't understand women.

88 days ago.
by Ohwiseone
Romney/Ryan give U.S. a chance to advance

Posts: 22 - *******mariettatimes****/page/content.detail/id/547737/Romney-Ryan-give-U-S--a-chance-to-advance.html?nav=5007 "to increase our freedom to run our own lives without government 'improvements'.

97 days ago.
by Ohwiseone
have Republican or Democratic Presidents done more to grow the economy?

Posts: 115 - What does the data tell us if we disaggregate GDP growth, changes in unemployment rate, and changes in the federal debt by sitting President's political party? Also - which party does a better job...

111 days ago.
by Ohwiseone
What happened to the "Union Influence in Politics" topic?

Posts: 5644 - Even though I initiated it as the debut topic in the Times forums, I'm happy to realize it has been deleted. It died an ugly death long ago, and should have been executed long before it was.

120 days ago.
by absolem
Jobs Jobs Jobs

Posts: 68 - Job's Bill.

121 days ago.
by Ohwiseone