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879 days ago.
by JeffHess

Posts: 4 - Nice upgrade to the web site Good work Marietta Times

898 days ago.
by luvthesouth
"Southeast" versus "Southeastern" Ohio

Posts: 1 - Are these terms always interchangeable? Should "southeast" and "southeastern" always be capitalized? If these terms have different uses, what are they?

1182 days ago.
by Munster
washington children's home between 1970 and now

Posts: 1 - I lived at the home between 1957 and 1970 would like any information,articles,pictures,whatever info you may have.What happened to the "home" I know it now houses the historical society.

1182 days ago.
by Munster
Home Inspections

Posts: 1 - Hi i'm Rob Bowman owner of Bowman Inspections in Marietta Oh. Just thought i'd join this group to answer any questions you may have about inspections.

1182 days ago.
by Munster
Extra support!

Posts: 1 - I am trying to implement a drop in center for homelessness within your county. Please tell me your opinions and views. This is a center open Monday-Friday from 9-5.

1182 days ago.
by Munster
Earthquake felt in Reno, Ohio

Posts: 1 - Another earthquake was felt in the Reno area at 1:36 PM today (08312011) Its strength without measurement felt to have been about the same intensity as the one at 5:35 AM this morning (08312011)

1182 days ago.
by Munster
AEP Retail

Posts: 1 - I just received a flyer in the mail from this company and I wondered if they were in any way related to AEP and AEP OHIO ? More than likely the answer is ye.

1182 days ago.
by Munster
Delay, the main cause of cost overruns

Posts: 1 - Thus, as a nucleus about 300 crore rupees can be set aside as the KSHB’s own Housing Revolving Fund and this can be multiplied by the snow-balling effect.

1182 days ago.
by Munster
Hello and I am new here this groups

Posts: 1 - My name Robert A. Spindler Just I want stop by to say hello everyone. == I am working at Wasco Inc and I am on Facebook. == I am live here Marietta, Ohio 56 year and I love Marietta, Ohio.

1182 days ago.
by Munster
Pollution Control

Posts: 1 - AEP spends over 5 Billion dollars to put in pollution controls to comply with the Clean Air Act – 1990 and Clean Air Interstate Rule 2005, better known as CAI.

1182 days ago.
by Munster
Marietta College police to carry guns

Posts: 6 - The MC trustees have voted to allow the campus cops to carry guns. What do you all think about this?

ST Thomas

Posts: 0 - Looking for a young lady by the name of Summer, meet in St Thomas 2 years ago." Just doing nothing" Thanks for any help