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949 days ago.
by BobBarker

Are states who do not require Photo ID in order to vote encouraging fraudulent elections?

Recently, the obama administration's attorney general struck down laws in Texas and South Carolina requiring voters to show a Photo ID before they can vote claiming it "disenfranchises" voters. Now illegals, dead people, and other unauthorized voters will be able to vote freely in elections. In effect, giving people the right to conduct fraudulent elections. Is this fair to legal voters?


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Yeah, rocker, it has been several months since you were touting Arizona joe's secret,election changing announcement. 'r ya still waiting? Ha. Baahhh you say!?

Posted 1260 days ago.

Munster I am an Independent not republican. And the facts are that more people, including minorities, voted AFTER Photo ID laws were passed in Georgia and Indiana.

And you have NO facts and NO figures to make your case that Photo ID disenfranchises anyone.

Posted 1260 days ago.

The demokrat liars, crooks, and thieves who inhabit the Congress continue to say voter fraud is not a problem. Maybe they haven't read this recent article: abc22now.c om/shared/news/top-stories/stories/wkef_did-cincinnati-woman-vote-obama-6-times-2012-11477.shtml

This old bag who was a poll worker is accused of voting 6 times. I hope they throw her butt in jail for about 10 years! And all govt. benefits she is receiving should be cut off because voter fraud is a felony which makes her ineligible for any govt. benefits.

Statistics show more people, including minorities voted AFTER Photo ID laws were passed.

"Black voter turnout increased in Georgia and Indiana after voter ID laws passed. Georgia began implementing its law requiring one of six forms of voter ID in 2007. According to data from Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, the black vote increased by 42%, or 366,000 votes, in 2008 over 2004. The Latino vote grew by 140% or 25,000 votes in 2008".

Posted 1260 days ago.

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