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1166 days ago.
by Munster

Save Medicare

The Romney-Ryan plan would institute a new premium-support plan beginning with new beneficiaries in 2023. Seniors would pick from private plans, OR could choose traditional Medicare, all of which would be offered on a new Medicare exchange. Seniors could purchase private plans with government subsidies. Competition, Ryan has said, would keep costs down. If key features of the Romney-Ryan plan sound familiar, that’s because a choice of private plans is already offered under Medicare Advantage. Source: FACTCHECK****


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Posted 1166 days ago.

my medicare shouldnt change just because sombody doesnt want to pay their tax.

Posted 1247 days ago.


(Cont) before appoving you for an expensive life-saving medical procedure. If not, Sorry Charlie".

Posted 1264 days ago.


The Obama plan is to cut federal contributions to it and Medicaid, in order to burden the state legislators with not being able to fund them, turning more care recipients toward ObamaCare so that, eventually it WILL BE the only Single Payer insurance game in town. THEN he can brag about meeting the demands from Republicans to match his demaned tax increases (Obama calls it "Revenue") with their demanded spending cuts. Obama can claim, "Hey fellas, I gave you your spending cuts with short-funding Medicare and Medicaid programs. Now go over there and get into the line for ObamaCare (like good little Lemmings) and let's hope you can find a doctor that will take you on". "And those "Death Panels" you were afraid of developing under my system? I said there wasn't going to be any....BUT they are now called "Mortality Tests" and they ARE real". "We'll just have doctors figure out if you got enough productive years left in you before app

Posted 1264 days ago.

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