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917 days ago.
by BobBarker

Forum reader headcount

Based on the low number of active participants in these forums, I'm caused to wonder: how well read the are the comments posted here? It is entirely possible that no one is paying attention. To obtain a grasp on how many actually view these "discussions", let's take a headcount. Even if you only read and are not actively involved in these forums, please reply to this post. Simply type in today's date, then tap POST A COMMENT and you will be counted. No prose is necessary.


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Munster likes to have the 'final word' on each topic in the pick list of the "National Forums" so that, when someone looks down the posts they see Munster, Munster, Munster, Munster, Munster, ad nasium. I'm sure that he's trying to convince SOMEONE that he is an intellectual giant when, in fact, he's an arrogant as$.

So, let's fight fire with fire!

Posted 1177 days ago.



Posted 1177 days ago.



Posted 1177 days ago.

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