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86 days ago.
by slinky

Thank You, Art!!!!

I know you have a thankless task dealing with these topics, a job I for one would not want for all the money in the world. We've seen a quite wild and wooly political campaign, with anything goes it seems in comments from both sides. I freely admit I've posted replies here more out of anger than I'd usually do on a public venue. Thank you for cleaning the most vile and insulting comments through it all. I for one appreciate your patience through it all. Perhaps now that it's over, we can start again with a clean slate? That those who post here can do so in a manner that we'd use if we were having the same discussion in front of our mother? I for one pray that is possible. I pledge to try and stay on the "high road." How about it people, can we all do the same?


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Just as long as his wife buys that story.............LOL

Posted 547 days ago.


Yes, it would seem he experienced a 'blackout', beright. Those were nasty looking injuries. Looked like the assailant may have been a right hander.

Posted 551 days ago.


Quite a story golfer Robert Allenby is telling about his late night at the bar, ay mate?

Posted 552 days ago.


Happy New Year,y'all !

Posted 570 days ago.


I do recall several contributors to these forums being fond of a notion to turn Iraq and Afghanistan into a sheet of poor quality glass.Several of whom are no longer with us.

Posted 612 days ago.


Ohwiseone - This may come as a surprise to you (it shouldn't if you've been a long time reader of these forums) but I've always believed GW Bush "lied us into a war" in Iraq. I agreed with Atty. Vincent Bugliosi's contention that Bush should have been charged with Murder.

So, not to sound like Hillary Clinton, but what are you going to do about it at this late date, even though the statute of limitations never expires for that crime?

h ttp://en.wikipedia.o rg/wiki/The_Prosecution_of_George_W._Bush_for_Murder

Posted 613 days ago.


Yeah! Go ahead and "clean up again" Art!

Anybody that visits these forums can see that they are very close to the point were you can call them "The Ohwiseone's Opinions".

There are like six posters still remaining here, in my opinion because most have gotten tired of dealing with Munster's (aka ohwiseone) diarrhea of drivel.

So, PLEASE, take ohwiseone's advice and "clean up again". You can usually find him as the latest poster on a plethora of forum topics, like it's a competition to be hold Star Billing.

Posted 614 days ago.



Posted 705 days ago.


Pay attention. I was talking about people commenting on stories not you forum trolls.

Posted 801 days ago.


I'm still here and check in to read but like moderation said, same old same seems rather dead without the libs commenting, can't you cons hold a conversation among yourselves??...

Posted 802 days ago.


Again,beright,the same old,same old.

Posted 803 days ago.


Thanks, Art. Your recent policy shift where you ask that people commenting on stories to have to be a print subscribers or sign up for the digital edition has really weeded out the liberals. Since they won’t sign up to comment it proves a point that has been made many times of LIBS: They are always willing to spend someone else’s money but not their own. LOL

Posted 804 days ago.


whatdifferencedoesitmake, Its not just the leftist that are missing, there are a few posters on the right side of the spectrum that are missing as well.

Posted 847 days ago.


You miss them don't ya??, it's rather boring when there's only one side to a debate or conversation ;)

Posted 848 days ago.


Thank you,Art.

Posted 848 days ago.


Freddy, as if you truly believe that BS. We're all aware that you feel our reaction to any of your posts should rival seeing a burning bush, at the very least.

So, in your opinion, making derogatory statements about anyone who doesn't blindly agree with "the gospel according to Freddy" is somehow conducive to a civil discussion? You're quick to insult people, but when the tables are turned on you, you immediately whine about it, expecting Art to dump them.

Posted 1126 days ago.


Freddy, I never claimed I was without guilt in being a disruptive force here at times. Nor did I say your buddy was the only one guilty of the cut and paste game.

But since we're in the baring our souls deal, care to own up to your own sins?

Posted 1127 days ago.


I fail to see where any of the named folks here want an echo chamber. I won't speak for others here, I'd prefer to see an honest adult discussion on issues myself. You seem so all fired up about your little friend getting tossed, do you actually think doing mass cut and paste replies on every subject qualifies as an actual discussion? I see it more as disruptive myself.

Think you're up to it?

Posted 1128 days ago.


And for the record, I'm a very happy person. Camper, maybe not, that involves swatting mosquitoes a bit too much.

I'm sure you can "manufacture" a few new libetard "personas" to carry on, Freddy.

Posted 1129 days ago.


Hardly obsessed, enduring more describes the experience.

Posted 1129 days ago.

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