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321 days ago.
by Ohwiseone

"Nuns On The Bus Controversy.

Friday, 09 November, 2012's issue of the Times had an excellent explanation of who comprised the recent protest of the "Nuns On The Bus" being criticized on the Huffington Report. It seems that those present protesting the Nuns were NOT ONLY Tea Party members, nor all Republicans. The group also included members of various non-Catholic Christian churches, as well as members of local Catholic parishes. For many years, Catholic votes could be depended on by Democrats, based on the left's supposed focus on social justice issues. I'm sure these Nuns also support them because of their agenda on social justice issues. However, the Democrats (and the Nuns) wish to ignore the most important social justice issue there is, the right to LIVE. Government programs to assist the poor, by providing subsidies on heating bills, lower rent, food stamps, etc., are moot points for a human being killed before ever drawing their first breath. As a "Cradle Catholic", I have an undyin


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Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby

Posted 365 days ago.


So you know for a fact that democrats want to do away with religion ?? Please show me your proof , or is this another of the rights scandal/outrage journalism ? You know two can play that game ! Republicans want to eat all newborn babies ! Give me a break !

Posted 366 days ago.


I found it hilarious that a recent letter to the editor from a Democrat said she was "never so embarrassed " about a protest of the nuns. The Democrats want to remove religion from every part of your life but this woman was distraught about the protest over some Catholic Nuns? Liberal double speak at it best.

I guess I will see her in church.

Posted 366 days ago.


Why is this topic still here?

Posted 844 days ago.

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