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1284 days ago.
by ReasonableVoice

Christopher Dorner in live fire fight with California Law Enforcement right now.

Chris Dorner, the ex LAPD and ex Navy Underwater Combat Team member who is wanted for triple homicide and is the subject of the largest manhunt in California history, is currently holed up in a cabin in the wilderness in California in a gun battle with California law enforcement. I wonder how long it will take it for this news to make it to the online edition of the Marietta Times, or if it will even appear in tomorrow's paper.


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I find it interesting that the only news that this paper chooses to report on the situation is decidedly anti-Dorner, pro-police news despite what is amounting to massive evidence mounting that Dorner may have been correct in his claims. This of course does not excuse multiple homicide, but the only news being printed in this paper paints Dorner to be wrong in every aspect and even outright wacko without a single shred of empirical evidence to support it.

Even the LAPD has admitted that several officers have been recorded stating they planned to burn the cabin down with him inside, and yet not a word from this paper.

Public opinion is swaying in Dorner's favor and this paper won't give it the light of day. They didn't even carry a mention of the situation until after it was over.

Report without bias, please.

Posted 1284 days ago.


The cabin is engulfed in flames after what is thought to have been tear gas canisters fired by LAPD into the cabin.

Posted 1289 days ago.

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