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721 days ago.
by Ohwiseone

President Obama calls for the minimum wage to be set at $9 dollars an hour. What moron beside this president thinks you can raise a family on $9 an hour?

Where are the unions on this? $9 an hour? What a joke.


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This is what he said when he announced the $9 an hour: “no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty”. I don’t know for sure but he seems to think $9 per hour is a big deal. It is the president saying this, not me.

Posted 1290 days ago.


Nobody ever EXPECTED anyone to raise a family on minimum wage! That wage was set as a standard wage for entry jobs in the workforce, for workers with NO experience. For part-time workers, like high school kids, or for those just entering the workforce.

That's why they called it MINIMUM WAGE!

Posted 1290 days ago.

Cause $9.00 will put them in the middle class & pay for everything themselves.... right?

They won't qualify for HUD, food assistance, the medical card, WIC or any other governmental assistance.... right?

Course I'm sure the $9.00 Whopper or Big Mac will be fantastic...

Really thought that one out.

Posted 1290 days ago.


You can raise a family on $360 a week? Why not make the min wage the same as a pipefitter, school teacher, Fireman, Police man etc. $9. What a joke. This man talks in billions and billions but want a person to survive on $9? He never had a real job so he does not know the struggle of the middle class.

Posted 1290 days ago.

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