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1054 days ago.
by R1KRA8

If the Affordable Care Act is allowed to take hold, Mr. Romney's 47% will become the new majority and the 100 year plan will have succeeded

If those dependent on the government are allowed to exceed 50% of the vote, the United States of America will never recover. Blocking the Affordable Care Act may very well be the patriot's last stand before the Socialists succeed and diplomacy fails. Congratulations comrades.


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Well the good news is that of the few folks who succeeded in getting through to their health exchanges to review plans and purchase insurance, every single one interviewed on TV reported that they are pleased and will save money.

Not one, repeat not one dissatisfied citizen was found by the national TV networks.

I just think this shows you what geniuses Obama and the Democrats are.

Next up, they need to work on the deficit since the Health Care issue has been solved.

Posted 1055 days ago.


Check out Yahoo News Finance page at; h ttp:// om/news/not-planning-buy-health-insurance-111054106.html

Please go to the 'comments' at the bottom of that article. As I write this, there are 6,412 comments. Check out the way most of them are leaning.

Posted 1056 days ago.

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