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914 days ago.
by BobBarker

Clean Energy

Just days after an investigation was launched into failed solar manufacturer Solyndra, a Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantee recipient—the DOE announced a flurry of funding measures for new solar, offshore wind, and geothermal projects. The new projects will help achieve President Obama’s goal of generating 80% of U.S. power from clean energy within the next 25 years, the DOE said. -A $1.2B Loan for a California CSP Project -A $150M Loan Guarantee for a Multicrystalline Solar Wafer Maker -A $90.5M Loan Guarantee for HCPV Facility in Colorado -DOE to Fund 41 Offshore Wind Energy Projects for Faster Deployment, $43 M -A $38M Award for Geothermal Projects Why weren't these projects funded as part of the first Stimulas Package? Do we really have this much money to spend on these kinds of things at this time, maybe in the future, but now?


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Posted 1247 days ago.


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said this week he plans for the city to end its use of coal-fired power entirely by 2025, according to a report from Southern California Public Radio. According to the report from SCPR, about 39 percent of Los Angeles’s power comes from the Navajo Generating Station in Arizona and the Intermountain Power Plant in Utah. Villaraigosa said at the event the city will stop using power from the Navajo Generating Station in 2015 and the Intermountain Power Plant in 2025. He did not comment on what sources’ would replace the 39% .

Turn out the lights the party’s over.

Posted 1273 days ago.

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